Fall Swim

Blackhawk Country Club and the HOX swim team are offering a fall swimming program for the 2015 fall/winter seasons. This program is a competitive United States Swimming program and will be open to all intermediate swimmers age 6 and up. Blackhawk is proud to partner with Diablo Aquatics and their USA year-round swimming program for the fall season. This program is designed to expose swimmers to year-round swimming, and as such, will focus on more extensive training and technical instruction.

This program will begin on Wednesday, September 9th and will run through November 20th, with those swimmers who qualify for the Junior Olympics meet continuing on through December 6th.

Swimmers will be grouped together by age in order to help foster a sense of team spirit and to provide continuity from the summer season. Within each practice, swimmers may be further divided into groups based on ability in order to ensure that each swimmer is receiving the proper training and instruction appropriate for their skill level and experience.

8 & Under (beginner) -
This group is designed for those swimmers who are 8 and under and are still relatively new to swimming. This group will focus on mastering stroke techniques for all strokes and learning the basics of practice - streamlines, learning to use the pace clock, and starts.

10 & Under -
The 10 and under group will be for those more advanced 7-8 and 9-10 swimmers who are ready for more advanced stroke and turn technique and are also able to handle a moderate level of training. Swimmers in this group will be working toward building their endurance to take on events 50 yards and up and will focus on IM training to master all 4 strokes. Swimmers in this group will be broken up into groups based on ability and training will be tailored to fit the capabilities of each group.

11 & Up -
Our most advanced group will be for all of our swimmers 11 and up. This group will focus on the most advanced stroke and turn technique and will also include a heavier training load to help increase the swimmers' endurance and prepare them to swim events 100 yards and up. The training will include an IM focus and will teach both training and racing techniques. Swimmers in this group will be split into groups based on ability in order to maximize the effectiveness of their training.

Click here to register for Fall Swim

All swimmers who want to participate in meets will need to register with Pacific Swimming. Click here to find the registration form for 2015. When filling out this form, please make sure to register under Diablo Aquatics. In addition, Diablo Aquatics has asked that swimmers who register with them through Pacific Swimming also pay a $50 registration fee, which will include a Diablo Aquatics team t-shirt and swim cap. Only those swimmers who wish to participate in meets will need to register with Pacific Swimming and pay the $50 registration fee to Diablo Aquatics. This fee will be collected during the second week of the clinic, separate from the clinic fees.




Practice Times

8 and Under (beginner)


4:00 - 4:30

10 and Under


4:00 - 5:00

11 and Up


             5:00 - 6:30


Program Cost

**Does not include Diablo Aquatics registration fee**


5 days per week

3 days per week

8 and Under-Beginner (Member / Non Member)



10 and Under     (Member / Non Member)



11 & Up (All)


Not Available


Fall Swim Meet Schedule

**More Information will be posted soon**

The following dates are tentative:

HOX will host a meet September 19th & 20th

Walnut Creek Meet November 20th - 22nd

Junior Olympics December 4th - 6th